Office Head Quarters

Our Office is located on the second floor of Burton Public Library.


Administrative Assistant:

Lynn McCollum-Arnold: 440-834-4474


Fiscal Officer:

Jennell Dahlhausen: 440-834-4474


Our Public Records Policy can be found here.

Please be advised that all residents of Burton Village (whether a homeowner or tenant) are required to file CCA tax annually.  This is Income Tax, and the rate is 1%.

Who Must File

  1. All individuals 18 years of age and older subject to local income tax.
  2. Live in a CCA member municipality with a tax credit of less than 100% when work is performed outside the residence city. (See Tax Rate Schedule)
  3. Have taxable income in a CCA member municipality in which municipal income taxes were not with or were withheld incorrectly.
  4. Conduct business in a CCA member municipality.
  5. Own rental property in a CCA member municipality and charge gross monthly rent exceeding $125.