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The Architectural Review Board meets on the first and third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m., as needed.

The Board is currently seeking interested individuals to fill two vacant seats on the Board.  Please send your resume with a letter of interest including any previous experience that might prove helpful in this role to

Historic District Permit

Please be aware if you live in the Historic District, any exterior changes to your house (including painting or siding) must be reviewed and approved by the Historic District Architectural Review Board. The review and permit fee is $5 and should be turned in with your completed permit at the Village office. If you have any questions or are unsure if you are in the Historic District, please contact the Village office at 440-834-4474.

Chairperson: Christine Heltzel
TBA: Karen Charvat
Council Representative: Alex Hansel

Historic District Review Permits

Title File
Historic District Permit Open File
Historic District Map Open File
Historic District Guidelines Open File
Local Examples of Period Styles Open File
2022-05 Adding a fence Open File
2022-04 Painting house/trim and shutters Open File
2022-03 Painting trim/replacing roof on house and garage Open File
2022-02 Demolishing Fat Daddys Open File
2022-01 Gutters change of color Open File
2021-11 Solar Panels Open File
2021-10 Roof Replacement Open File
2021-08 Sign Open File
2021-07 Adding a Shed Open File
2021-06 Roof Replacement Open File
2021-05 Sign Open File
2021-04 Adding a fence Open File
2021-03 Roof Replacement Open File
2021-02 Covered Tent Structure Open File
2021-01 Moving fence adding poles Open File
Historic District Ordinance Open File
2021-09 Open File
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