Police Department

Burton Village Police Department
14588 Park Street
P.O. Box 24
Burton, Ohio 44021
Phone:  440-834-1234
Fax:  440-834-9094
Emergency:  911
First Energy Communication Number:  1-800-589-3101

Village of Burton Officers:

Burton OfficersChief of Police--Richard Smigelski (rsmigelski@villageofburton.org)

Officers (police@villageofburton.org):

Michael Lewis
Jamie Barna
Dan Perko
Missy Besednjak
Lewis Pettit
Bob Simmons
Robert Marshall

To better assist the public, the Burton Police Department's office number 440-834-1234 automatically sends to the Officer on Duty’s cell phone.  This is another step in keeping our community safe. Please remember to call 911 for emergencies.

The Burton Police Department offers a daily check up on your home if you are going on vacation.  To fill out a form for this service, please contact the Burton Police Department at 440-834-1234.

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Programs and information provided by the Burton Police Department from the Ohio Department of Public Safety:



Additional information:

The History of the Burton Village Police Department

The Village of Burton was incorporated in 1895. The first election was held April 1, 1895. Charles Laraway was the first Marshall. Since that time, some of our Police Chiefs have been ~

Gary Barnes
Rand Barnes
Dorothy Wintermute (Mayor/Acting Chief)
Bernie Mullen
Robert J. Himmelein
Sally Hess
Dennis Nichols

In those early days there was a law that minors could not play pool. There were penalties for intoxication and driving over eight miles per hour. No one was allowed to pitch grouts on Main Street or play baseball in any of the streets. Now we have Gander Field behind the Elementary School and the Luoma horseshoe pit at the fairgrounds. We have come a long way.

In the 1880 Pioneer History book a few civilian run-ins with Law Enforcement are mentioned:

Mrs. Noyes was a person of large and powerful frame, and withal possessed a violent temper, a combination which did not fail to make her a woman of remarkable influence, especially when physical force was the agency employed to accomplish her purpose. She sometimes defied the officers of the law, as she would the encroachments of wild beasts. Nr. Noyes would contract debts without making provision for their payment. On one occasion the Deputy Sheriff (who is mentioned as being Uri Hickox) came to take some goods on execution. Mrs. Noyes seized him, and twisting a bed curtain around his neck, choked him until he was black in the face. Noyes trying to release him, she caught up a tailor's goose and hurled it at him, smashing his foot.

On another occasion the Sheriff, Joel Paine, attempted to satisfy an execution, when she struck him with a square-bottomed candlestick, cutting a hole in his scalp, above his eyes, from which the blood flowed, blinding him.

It gives new meaning to Stand By Your Man. See....even back then those domestic violence calls were dangerous for Police Officers!

We Are Looking For Cert Volunteers!

CERT:  Community Emergency Response Team

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